Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Park City, UT and Evanston Meets

Placings in Wyoming Cowboy Meet in Evanston:

All Around Finishes:

Platinum (12 to 13 yr old)
Lily Jenkins          1st Place 36.10
Layne Robinson    2nd Place 34.85

Gold (9 to 10 yr old)
Lauren Erickson     2nd Place 35.30

Gold (11 to 12 yr old)
Maleese Phillips      2nd Place 34.10

Gold (13 to 18 yr old)
Marisa Clark            1st Place 36.80

Silver (7 to 8 yr old)
Janey Young             1st Place 36.85
Dallas Erickson        2nd Place 36.60

2016 Winter Classic in Park City, UT:

All Around Finishes:

Layne Robinson       7th Place 33.65
Piper Thompson       8th Place 32.975

Marisa Clark             8th Place 34.30

Dallas Erickson         6th Place 37.05
Valerie Jirak              9th Place 35.925

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