Monday, December 14, 2020

Holiday Break

There will not be any classes the week of December 21st and 28th.  

Session II will resume on January 4th.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Session Prices

Session I (Sept - Nov)

Tuition for Session I:

45 min class  $135  (or $45 a month)
1 hour class  $150  (or $50 a month)
2 hour class $180  (or $60 a month)

Plus the $35 insurance fee for 2021.

Session II (Dec - Feb)

Session II will be pro-rated because we will take two weeks off in December for Christmas (12/21 - 12/31), so December will be 1/2 price.

Tuition for Session II:

45 min class $113
1 hour class $125
2 hour class $150

I accept Venmo, Maurie Erickson @ Star Gymnastics.  You can also pay online on the website or via an Invoice, which you can request.  You can pay by the Session or monthly.  

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

No Classes

 There will not be any classes the week of Thanksgiving!  Enjoy the time with your family!  Session II begins on December 7th.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Make Up Days for Cancelled Classes

Here is the schedule for the make up days for the morning classes:

Parent/Tot Class-Thursday, Oct 29th & Nov 5th @ 10:00
Tues 11:00 Preschool class- Thursday, Oct 29th & Nov 5th @ 11:00

Wed 10:00 Preschool class-Monday, Oct 26th & Nov 2nd @ 10:00

Thursday Boys Only Class will have a make up class on Nov 6th @ 9:00 am

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Fall Classes are happening!

We are excited to announce that we will be offering our full Fall schedule of classes!  This will include the preschool and parent/tot classes.  The Fall Session will begin the Tuesday after Labor Day (Sept 8th).  

Classes will be limited by size if necessary.  We will do our best to keep students 6 feet apart and coaches will wear masks when we are closer than 6 feet to students.   

Level 1 will be Mondays OR Wednesdays at 3:30
Level 2 - Mondays at 3:30
Level 3 - Tuesdays at 3:30 
Level 4 - Wednesdays 4:30 - 6:30
1st Year Bronze- Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:30
Boys only - Thursdays at 3:30
Beg Tumbling  Tuesdays at 3:30
Tumbling II  Wednesdays at 3:30
Tumbling III  Tuesdays at 6:00

Parent/Tot - Tuesdays at 10:00
Preschool - Tuesdays at 11:00 or Wednesdays at 10:00

Please email to enroll or with any questions.  

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Gym Closed until April 6th

With the closure of LCSD#2 our gym will be closed until April 6th.  Thank you for all your support of our program and stay healthy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Epic Invitational 2020


Katelynn Gaughan  6th place on floor 9.225


Aliya Peavler  1st place on Beam 9.675, 6th AA 36.95


Harbor Winder 6th on Vault 8.75, 2nd on Bars 9.5, 1st on Beam 9.325, 6th on Floor 9.175,
2nd AA 36.75

Lea Koncekova 5th on Vault 8.8, 6th on Bars 9.05, 1st on Floor 9.55, 5th AA 36.075


Dallas Erickson  6th on Vault 9.0, 6th on Bars 8.75, 1st on Beam 9.55, 2nd on Floor 9.425,
2nd AA 36.725

Ali Winder 2nd on Vault 9.15, 3rd on Bars 9.15, 6th on Floor 9.225, 4th AA 36.475

Brooklyn Johnson 3rd on Beam 9.05


Layne Robinson  3rd on Vault 9.0, 3rd on Bar 8.35, 5th on Beam 8.65, 5th on Floor 9.025,
4th AA 35.025

Rock Springs, Jacob's Inv 2020

Bronze- 2nd Place:

Sage Smith  Vault 9.6 4th, Bars 9.3 4th, Beam 9.35 1st, Floor 9.3 3rd, AA 37.55 1st
Hazel Ross  Vault 9.4 6th, Beam 9.0 5th, Floor 1st 9.45, AA 36.65 4th 

Silver-2nd Place:

Aliya Peavler  Vault 9.35 2nd, Bars 9.6 1st, Beam 9.7 1st, Floor 9.5 1st, AA 38.15 1st
Jacy England Bars 9.5 2nd, Beam 9.15 3rd, Floor 8.85 6th, AA 36.10 4th
Anna Olofson Floor 9.1 2nd, AA 35.4 7th
Brinnley Mizner Beam 8.95 5h, AA 33.70 14th

Gold-1st Place:

Harbor Winder  Vault 8.6 3rd, Bars 9.5 1st, Floor 9.6 1st, AA 35.50 2nd 
Lea Koncekova Bars 9.15 5th, Floor 9.6 1st, AA 35.05 3rd
Dylan Kallgren Bars 9.3 3rd, Beam 8.35 5th, Floor 9.1 3rd, AA 34.95 4th
Kerrigan Dana Beam 8.8 2nd, Floor 8.8 6th, AA 34.85 5th
Ashley Coles Beam 8.5 5th, Bars 9.35 2nd, Vault 8.8 6th AA 34.45 8th
Addison Mizner AA 32.90 14th
Sarah Bowers Beam 8.4 4th, AA 32.75 15th
Saylor Herd Bars 9.1 6th, AA 31.75 17th
Louisa Hinton AA 31.70 18th 
Lainey Romine AA 29.3 20th

Platinum-1st Place:

Ali Winder  Vault 8.3 6th, Bars 8.55 3rd, Beam 9.225 1st, Floor 9.25 4th, AA 35.325 1st
Dallas Erickson Vault 8.75 1st, Bars 8.25 5th, Beam 8.9 2nd, Floor 9.4 1st, AA 35.30 2nd
Valerie Jirak  Vault 8.75 1st, Bars 8.7 1st, Beam 8.075 5th, Floor 9.0 5th, AA 34.525 3rd
Ambrey Nelson Vault 8.55 3rd, Floor 9.275 3rd, AA 33.575 6th
Ashlynn Erickson  Vault 8.3 6th, Beam 8.05 6th, AA 32.8 7th
Brooklyn Johnson Vault 8.3 6th, Beam 8.775 3rd, AA 32.375 8th
Casey Beeson Vault 8.45 4th, Bars 8.1 6th, AA 32.35 9th


Layne Robinson  Vault 8.65 1st, Bars 8.65 1st, Beam 8.7 1st, Floor 9.0 1st, AA 35.0 1st

Friday, February 7, 2020

Performance Leotard

We are ordering our leotards for the Performance.  The performance will be on April 25th at Star Valley High School.

Please email me your order.  Boys will order T-shirts at a later date.

Leotard Size Chart

Orders are due February 14th.

Monday, January 27, 2020

UCLA Gymnastics Team

We are huge fans of UCLA Gymnastics and Felicia Hano!  We had an incredible opportunity to meet the UCLA Gymnastics Team!

Felicia Hano

 Madison Kocian 
Part of the "Final Five" 2016 Olympic Gold Medal Team

Kyla Ross
Part of the "Fierce Five" 2012 Olympic Gold Medal Team

This was an unforgettable night!  Thank you to the wonderful Hano family,
who made this happen!

SLC Meet

We traveled to Salt Lake City to the Missy Marlowe Wasatch Open and faced some stiff competition.  

Our Platinum Team finished 2nd and our Bronze Team finished 3rd.  

 Platinum Team Finished 2nd


Layne Robinson  Vault 2nd, Bars 3rd, Beam 2nd, Floor 1st, 2nd in the AA


Ali Winder  Bars 2nd, Floor 1st, 2nd in the AA
Valerie Jirak  Beam 2nd
Ashlynn Erickson Vault 2nd
Dallas Erickson  Bars 2nd, Floor 2nd
Casey Beeson  Vault 3rd


Kumari McCormick  Floor 2nd
Harbor Winder  Floor 3rd


Katelynn Gaughan  Bars 3rd
Emme Gieck  Floor 3rd

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Evanston Meet

We kicked off our season last weekend in Evanston.  

Bronze Team did great in their first meet and finished 4th.

12-18 age division:

Hazel Ross   1st in the All Around  36.05
Emme Gieck  5th in the All Around  35.30
Kendall Dickey 1st on Beam 9.45 and 6th in the All Around 34.75

11 yr old age division:

Sage Smith 1st on Beam 9.6 and 4th in the All Around 35.75

10 yr old age division:

Katelynn Gaughan 4th in the All Around 36.10

Silver Team 2nd Place finish.

12 and up age division:

Aliya Peavler  1st on vault 9.2, 1st on Floor 9.75, 1st in the All Around 37.15
Dylan Kallgren 2nd in the All Around 36.80
Jacy England 1st on bars 9.5, 5th in the All Around 35.65
Ashley Coles 6th in the All Around 35.40
Lea Koncekova 7th in the All Around 34.55

Gold Team 5th Place finish.

13 and up age division:

Kerrigan Dana 6th in the All Around 33.70
Josie Foster 7th in the All Around 33.20
Addison Mizner 9th in the All Around 32.35
Lainey Romine 10th in the All Around 29.20

11-12 age division:

Kumari McCormick 1st on Vault 9.60, 1st on Bars 9.2, 1st on Floor 9.3, 2nd in the All Around 35.70
Sarah Bowers 8th in the All Around 32.80
Louisa Hinton 9th in the All Around 29.96
Saylor Herd 10th in the Around 22.75

7-10 age division:

Harbor Winder 3rd in the All Around 34.50

Platinum Team 1st Place

13 and up age division:

Ali Winder 1st on Bars 8.55, 1st on Floor 9.05, 1st in the All Around 34.40
Valerie Jirak 1st on Beam 8.65, 3rd in the All Around 33.45
Casey Beeson 4th in the All Around 31.65

12 yr old age division:

Ambery Nelson 3rd in the All Around 22.20

11 yr old age division:

Dallas Erickson 1st on Bars 9.10, 1st on Floor 8.80, 2nd in the All Around 34.70
Brooklyn Johnson 4th in the All Around 32.75


Layne Robinson  1st in the All Around 33.40

We are headed to Salt Lake this weekend!