Sunday, November 24, 2019

No Class and Session II begins

There will not be any gymnastics classes this week, Nov 25-28.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Session II begins on December 2nd.  It will consist of 11 weeks, with no classes from Dec 23rd - Jan 2nd.  

Tuition for Session II:

                        45 minute class $124
1 hour class $138
2 hour class $165
Please let me know if your child does NOT plan on doing Session II, as we have a waiting list for enrollment.  You do not need to re-enroll for Session II.  Once you enroll in the Fall session, I assume they plan on doing gymnastics through the school year, which the is end of Session III.  

Monday, October 21, 2019

Pay With VENMO

You can now pay with Venmo! 

Halloween Week

We will be having a Halloween Costume party!  Students may wear their Halloween Costumes to gymnastics the week of Oct 28th - Nov 1st.  Please keep in mind we will still be doing gymnastics, so wear appropriate clothing under your costume and no masks please.

There will not be any classes on Halloween.  The Boys class will be on Friday, November 1st at 3:30.  Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Fall Session Starts Sept 3rd

Fall Session begins this week.

There is NO class on Labor Day,  Monday classes will be made up on Friday, Sept 6th, at 3:30.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Fall Enrollment

We are now enrolling for Fall classes.  Email us at to enroll.

Monday, August 5, 2019

No Gymnastics

There are no classes on Aug 6th and 8th.  There WILL BE classes Aug 13th, 15th, 20th and 22nd.

Friday, July 12, 2019

No Class

There will not be any classes on July 16th, 17th and 18th!

Monday, July 1, 2019

No Class

There will not be classes on July 2nd and 4th; nor July 16th and 18th.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Summer Is Here

The summer session begins this week!  Please bring a water bottle with your name on it to class!  It's going to be a fun summer!

The only classes that will be held next week will be the Jr. Cheer and the Boys Pre-Team.  All the other classes will have the week off!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Summer Enrollment

We are now enrolling for Summer Classes!  The summer session consists of 8 weeks, beginning June 4th and ending Aug 22nd.  There will not be any classes on the following days:

June 11th &13th
July 2nd & 4th
July 16th & 18th
Aug 6th & 8th

Classes will fill quickly, so email Maurie at to register!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Pictures May 9th

Pictures will be taken at Star Gymnastics on Thursday, May 9th.  Please wear your performance leotard and boys your performance T-shirt.  Here is the schedule:

2:00 -  Preschoolers                      (Tues 11:00; Wed 10:15 & 11:00)

3:00 -  Level 1                                  (Mon 3:30 & Wed 3:30)

4:00 -   Level 2                                 (Mon 3:30)

4:30 -   Level 3                                 (Tues 3:30)

5:00 -   Level 4                                 (Tues 4:30)

5:30 -   Bronze                                 (Wed 4:30)

5:45 -   Tumblers                             (Tue 3:30 & 6:00)

6:15 -   Jr. Cheer                             

6:45 -   Boys                                    

7:00 -  Team

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Performance Information

   Leotards and shorts as well as the boys' T-shirts will be passed out at the end of class this week.
    If your gymnast is in the 3:00 performance, they will need to be at the High School and ready to stretch at 2:30 next Saturday.  If they are in the 5:30 performance, they will need to be there at 5:00. Preschoolers only need to be there 10 minutes early. (I will send home a handout this week reminding everyone which session they are in).
    Tickets sold at the door, $5 for individuals or $20 for a family.  Participating gymnasts do not need a ticket and children 4 and under are free.  There will also be a silent auction table with some great items the gymnasts have put together for a fundraiser for gymnasts traveling to Regionals in Kansas City.

Girls:    All hair must be pulled back away from the face and pulled up, if at all possible.  It is recommended that you wear makeup (mascara, blush and lipstick).  
            Please no jewelry, tights, socks, sweat pants.  Only the shorts ordered with our leotards may be worn. Please wear underwear that does not show or none, if you did not order shorts.

Boys:    Please wear black or gray shorts or pants with your T-shirt. Please no socks.

Plan on the performance lasting approximately 1 and 1/2 hours.  PLEASE do not leave early.  These athletes have worked hard all year!

I need a few volunteers to helps supervise the groups during the performance.  Anyone who would like to help, please email me.

Students may bring a book or something to do while they wait for their turn to perform.  However, electronics are not advised, as will be left unattended on the bleachers while they are on the floor performing.

Pictures will be Thursday, May 9th at Star Gymnastics.  I will email a schedule for pictures at a later date.

Students in the 3:00 performance
                Collyn Mackey                        Olivia Balls                             Aizly Wolfley
                Kali Mitchell                            Eden Wilkes                            Shelby Fritz            
                Graham Byrd                          Aubrey Leseburg                    Aylee Merritt
       GROUP A                                                              GROUP B    
  (1)     Allana Niessink                                               (1)     Quinn Walters
  (1)     Brynlee Graham                                              (1)     Grayson Walters
  (1)     Weston Graham                                              (1)     Texie Holland
  (2)    Ayvree Lewis                                                  (1)     Beth Young
  (2)     Avalyn Balls                                                   (2)     Rylee Western
  (3)     Ella Occhi                                                        (2)     Kenna Dance
  (4)     Kenadee Jensen                                               (3)     Raygen Wolfley
  (4)     Nevaeh Rainey                                                (4)     Drew Hanberg
     GROUP C                                                               GROUP D
  (1)     Evelyn James                                                  (1)     Kaylynn Pickens
  (1)     Samantha James                                              (1)     Bristal Hagen
  (1)     Avery Black                                                    (1)     Zoe Jones
  (1)     Olivia Deroche                                                (1)     Tinzley Jones
  (2)     Rylie Deming                                                  (2)     Rachel Thygerson
  (2)     Kayla Hubbard                                                (3)     Emma Mattson
  (3)     India Burch                                                     (4)     Paylan Merritt
  (4)     Josee Smith                                                     (4)     Emma Moreton
  (Br)   Kendall Dickey                                                (4)     Silver Weber
                 BOYS                                      TUMBLERS                          HOT SHOTS
            Braxton Johnson             Malachi Byrd                    Scarlet Weber        Ivory Weber
            Kyson Crosby                 John Mattson                    Taci Hansen           Eliza Bassett
            Marty Burch                    Lily Fritz                           Alyssa Wylie         Lizzy Heiner
            Anson Young                 Audrie Resendiz                                              Kanzis Bollinder
            William Hinton                Taryn Gomez                                     
            August Henderson          Torrie Hollingsworth                                                                         
JR CHEERLEADERS (Coached by Sydney Passey and Audrey Merritt)
            Madison Goe                  Addy Miles                       Scarlet Tipton           
            Nevaeh Rainey                Hayley Deroche                McKaty Dance         
            Nora Kendall                   Lily Fritz

                                      Students in the 5:30 performance
                Ashtyn Robertson                   Rockwell Johnson                   Maddox Steed
                Haze Phillips                           Zane Fleck                               Isabelle Shockey
                Catherine Haderlie                   Landyn Amborski                   Jendre Hebdon
                Jalette Clark                                                                             Anna Hoopes

       GROUP A                                                              GROUP B    
  (1)     Madyson Mosgeller                                        (1)     Josey O’Donnell
  (1)     Laila Mosgeller                                               (1)     Amulya Madiwal
  (1)     Haylee Mosgeller                                            (1)     Skylee Herd
  (1)     Finley Smith                                                    (1)     Jordan Scott
  (2)     Isabelle Jaques                                                (2)     Isabell Hunsaker
  (3)     Ava Jaques                                                      (2)     Easton Harbach
  (4)     Aibree Peavler                                                 (4)     Brinley Merritt
  (Br)   Sage Smith                                                      (Br)   Paisley Harbach
     GROUP C                                                               GROUP D
                                                                                    (1)     Evie Keith
  (1)     Brynn Booth                                                   (1)     Lily Keith
  (1)     Brooklee Tueller                                              (1)     Kelzey Heiner
  (1)     Rachel Smith                                                   (1)     Kristi Olenslager
  (2)     Emily Kilpatrick                                              (2)     Amy Sessions
  (2)     Levi Kilpatrick                                                 (2)     Austyn Kallgren
  (3)     Madeline Aullman                                           (3)     Jacquelyn Jeske
  (4)     Kaelyn Green                                                  (4)     Katelynn Gaughan
  (Br)   Kambree Johnson                                            (Br)   Emerson Gieck
                BOYS                                   TUMBLERS                                   
            Anson Robinson             Phoebe Hunsaker              Scarlet Tipton           
            Kyler Zuccato                  Ellie Petersen                     Cara Andrews          
            Jack Shumway                Keegan Miner                    Cailyn Andrews       
            Cash Dunn                      Ackley Hillyard                                              
            Zane Dunn                      Ginny Sinclair                    
            Carter Gaughan              

JR CHEERLEADERS (Coached by Sydney Passey and Audrey Merritt)
            Madison Goe                  Addy Miles                       Scarlet Tipton
            Nevaeh Rainey                Hayley Deroche                McKaty Dance
            Nora Kendall                   Lily Fritz

Friday, March 22, 2019

No Class Over Spring Break

There will not be any classes next week!  Enjoy your Spring Break!  See you April 1st!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

State Titles

2019 Wyoming State Championships

Team Placings
Bronze Team State Champions
Silver Team 3rd Place
Gold Team State Champions
Platinum Team 2nd Place

All Around State Champions
Ashley Coles        Bronze Senior Champion
Dylan Kallgren    Silver Junior Champion
Harbor Winder   Gold Junior Champion
Yena Skinner       Gold Senior Champion
Ali Winder Platinum Junior Champion

Event State Titles
Aliya Peavler (Bronze)  Vault, Bars, Floor
Brinnley Mizner (Bronze) Bars, Beam, Floor
Dylan Kallgren (Silver) Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor
Harbor Winder (Gold) Bars
Yena Skinner (Gold) Beam, Floor
Valerie Jirak (Gold) Vault
Ali Winder (Platinum) Beam, Floor
Kezlie Jenkins (Platinum) Vault
Ashlynn Erickson (Platinum) Vault

Regional Qualifiers
Harbor Winder
Brooklyn Johnson
Yena Skinner
Valerie Jirak
Ambrey Nelson
Josie Foster
Casey Beeson
Kerrigan Dana
Addison Mizner
Kezlie Jenkins
Ali Winder
Layne Robinson

Sunday, March 3, 2019

February Meets

We competed in Evanston and Pocatello in February.  Here are the athletes that placed in the top three.



Brinnley Mizner   3rd on Vault 9.15, 1st on Bars 9.1, 1st on Beam 8.76, 1st on Floor 8.675, 1st in the All Around 35.675

Charlotte Crook  2nd on Vault 8.85, 2nd on Bars 8.95, 1st on Beam 8.8, 2nd on Floor 8.35, 2nd in the All Around 34.95

Aliya Peavler  1st on Vault 9.65, 2nd on Bars 9.4, 4th on Beam 8.175, 1st on Floor 9.45, 1st in the All Around 36.675

Ashley Coles  2nd on Vault 9.5, 1st on Bar 9.4, 1st on Beam 8.8, 2nd on Floor 8.975, 2nd in the All Around 36.675

Anna Olofson  3rd on Vault 9.15, 2nd on Beam 8.775, 3rd on Floor 8.85, 3rd in the All Around 35.525


Lainey Romine  2nd on Vault 9.15, 3rd on Bars 8.1, 3rd on Beam 7.7, 2nd on Floor 8.875, 3rd in the All Around 33.825

Dylan Kallgren  2nd on Vault 9.05, 1st on Bars 9.05, 1st on Beam 9.2, 1st on Floor 9.35, 1st in the All Around 36.65

Saylor Herd  1st on Vault 9.15, 3rd on Bars 8.6, 3rd on Beam 8.6, 2nd on Floor 8.85, 2nd in the All Around 35.2

Sarah Bowers  3rd on Vault 8.5, 2nd on Bars 8.35, 3rd on Beam 7.75, 1st on Floor 9.125, 3rd in the All Around 33.725


Kerrigan Dana   1st on Bars 8.8, 1st in the All Around 33.95

Yena Skinner  3rd on Vault 8.6, 1st on Floor 9.55

Josie Foster  1st on Beam 8.7, 3rd on Floor 9.125

Addison Mizner 1st on Vault 7.65, 1st on Bars 8.025, 1st on Beam 8.2, 1st on Floor 8.525, 1st in the All Around 32.4

Ambery Nelson 1st on Bars 9.2, 1st on Floor 9.2


Kezlie Jenkins  1st on Vault 9.0, 1st on Bars 8.175, 1st on Beam 8.325, 1st on Floor 8.85, 1st in the All Around 34.35

Dallas Erickson  1st on Vault 8.8, 1st on Bars 7.85, 1st on Beam 8.0, 1st on Floor 8.75, 1st in the All Around 33.40


Layne Robinson  1st on Vault 8.35, 1st on Bars 7.6, 1st on Beam 8.95, 1st on Floor 9.05, 1st in the All Around 33.95

We finished 2nd as a team!


Bronze Team took 2nd!

Aliya Peavler 2nd on Vault 9.15, 3rd on Bars 9.45, 2nd on Beam 9.4 1st on Floor 9.5, 1st on the All Around 37.50

Ashely Coles 1st on Bars 9.65, 1st on Beam 9.45, 2nd on Floor 9.4, 2nd in the All Around 37.45

 Silver Team finished 4th

Dylan Kallgren  2nd on Beam 9.3, 3rd on Floor 9.3, 3rd in the All Around 37.10

Lainey Romine  1st on Beam 9.35

Gold Team took 1st!!

Valerie Jirak  1st on Vault 9.3, 2nd on Bars 9.35, 2nd on Floor 9.35, 2nd in the All Around 36.45

Yena Skinner  2nd on Beam 9.25, 1st on Floor 9.4

Kerrigan Dana 3rd on Floor 9.35

Casey Beeson  3rd on Beam 8.9, 2nd on Floor 9.4, 3rd in the All Around 35.10

Kumari McCormick  1st on Beam 8.825, 2nd in the All Around 35.275

Brooklyn Johnson  3rd in the All Around 35.225

Harbor Winder 3rd on Bars 9.025, 1st on Floor 9.475

Ambrey Nelson 3rd on Vault 8.825

Platinum/Diamond Team took 2nd!


Ali Winder  2nd on Vault 8.95, 2nd on Bars 8.875, 2nd on Floor 9.55, 2nd in the All Around 35.7

Dallas Erickson 3rd on Beam 8.8, 1st on Floor 9.575

Kezlie Jenkins 3rd on Vault 9.0, 3rd on Floor 9.3


Layne Robinson 1st on Vault 8.8, 2nd on Bars 7.95, 2nd on Beam 8.5, 1st on Floor 9.35, 2nd in the All Around 34.60

Monday, February 18, 2019

No Class Presidents Day

There will not be class, Monday, Feb 18th.  Classes will be made up on Friday, Feb 22nd at 3:30.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Leotard Order Due Feb 15th

Here are the two choices for this years performance leotards.

Option #1  Rhinestone Logo Leotard  $45
Option #2  Logo Fabric Leotard $40
(add $2 for adult sizes)

Black Shorts are also available to purchase for $10.

Size Chart  (Click Link)

Please email your order to before Feb 15th.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Missy Marlowe Wasatch Open Meet

What a difference a week can make!  We had so much more confidence this weekend!  These ladies applied what we worked on in the gym and it showed!

Every team's score improved anywhere from 1.5  to 2 points and the largest jump goes to the Platinum's, improving their team score by FOUR point!

Congratulations to the Bronze Team brought home the 3rd Place Trophy and the Platinum Team brought home the 2nd Place Trophy.

Top Scores and Placings:


Brinnley Mizner  2nd on Bars 9.35
Anna Olofson 2nd on Bars 9.25, 1st on Floor 9.5 and 3rd in the AA 36.05
Ashley Coles 3rd on Vault 8.7, 3rd on Bars 9.2
Aliya Peavler 1st on Beam 9.25, 3rd on Floor 9.25


Dylan Kallgren 1st on Beam 9.5


Yena Skinner 3rd on Bars 9.3, 2nd on Floor 9.2
Valerie Jirak 2nd on Vault 8.8


Dallas Erickson 2nd on Floor 9.35, 3rd in the AA 35.15
Ali Winder 2nd on Bars 9.0
Harper Sessions 3rd on Beam 8.9
Ashlynn Erickson 3rd on Beam 8.7


Layne Robinson 1st on Vault 8.45, 1st on Bars 8.0, 1st on Beam 8.85, 1st on Floor 9.15, 1st in the AA 34.45

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Great Job at our First Meet

We kicked off our season this weekend!  All teams placed in the top 3! Bronze, Silver and Platinum teams all took 2nd and the Gold placed 3rd.

We are so proud of how our athletes handled their first meet at the higher levels!  This is going to be a fun season, they are going to accomplish so much!

Congratulations to our All Around winners, Charlotte, Ashley, Dylan, Ali and Layne!  Event winners include, Charlotte, Ashley, Aliya, Dylan, Yena, Valerie, Ali and Layne!

Everyone qualified for State!