Sunday, April 15, 2018

Pictures on Thursday, April 26th!

Pictures will be Thursday, April 26th at the gym.   

The schedule is as follows:
2:00 -   Preschoolers  (Tues 11:00; Wed 10:00)
3:00 -   Level 1 (Mon 3:30 & Wed 3:30)
4:00 -   Level 2 (Mon 3:30)
4:30 -   Level 3 (Tues 3:30 & Wed 3:30)
5:00 -   Level 4 (Tues 4:30)
5:30 -   1st yr Bronze (Wed 4:30)
5:45 -   Tumblers (Tue 3:30 & 6:00; Wed 6:15)
6:15 -   Jr. Cheer
6:45 -   Boys
7:00 -   Team (All levels)

Performance is Saturday!

One session will begin at 3:00, students will need to be at the High School at 2:30; the other session will begin at 5:30 and those students will need to be at there at 5:00.

Tickets sold at the door, $5 for individuals or $20 for a family.  Participating gymnasts do not need a ticket and children 4 and under are free. 

A portion of the entry fees will go toward helping with expenses for the gymnasts that will be traveling to Texas next month to compete at Regionals.  There will also be a silent auction table with some great gift baskets and gift certificates the gymnasts have put together for a fundraiser for Regionals as well.

Girls:    All hair must be pulled back away from the face and pulled up, if at all possible.  It is recommended that you wear makeup (mascara, blush and lipstick). 
            Please no jewelry, tights, socks, sweat pants.  Only the shorts ordered with our leotards. Please wear underwear that does not show or none, if you did not order shorts.

Boys:    Please wear black or gray shorts or pants with your T-shirt. Please no socks.

Plan on the performance lasting around 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.  PLEASE do not leave early.  These athletes have worked hard all year!

I need a few volunteers to helps supervise the groups during the performance.  Anyone who would like to help, please email me.