Monday, January 21, 2019

Missy Marlowe Wasatch Open Meet

What a difference a week can make!  We had so much more confidence this weekend!  These ladies applied what we worked on in the gym and it showed!

Every team's score improved anywhere from 1.5  to 2 points and the largest jump goes to the Platinum's, improving their team score by FOUR point!

Congratulations to the Bronze Team brought home the 3rd Place Trophy and the Platinum Team brought home the 2nd Place Trophy.

Top Scores and Placings:


Brinnley Mizner  2nd on Bars 9.35
Anna Olofson 2nd on Bars 9.25, 1st on Floor 9.5 and 3rd in the AA 36.05
Ashley Coles 3rd on Vault 8.7, 3rd on Bars 9.2
Aliya Peavler 1st on Beam 9.25, 3rd on Floor 9.25


Dylan Kallgren 1st on Beam 9.5


Yena Skinner 3rd on Bars 9.3, 2nd on Floor 9.2
Valerie Jirak 2nd on Vault 8.8


Dallas Erickson 2nd on Floor 9.35, 3rd in the AA 35.15
Ali Winder 2nd on Bars 9.0
Harper Sessions 3rd on Beam 8.9
Ashlynn Erickson 3rd on Beam 8.7


Layne Robinson 1st on Vault 8.45, 1st on Bars 8.0, 1st on Beam 8.85, 1st on Floor 9.15, 1st in the AA 34.45

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Great Job at our First Meet

We kicked off our season this weekend!  All teams placed in the top 3! Bronze, Silver and Platinum teams all took 2nd and the Gold placed 3rd.

We are so proud of how our athletes handled their first meet at the higher levels!  This is going to be a fun season, they are going to accomplish so much!

Congratulations to our All Around winners, Charlotte, Ashley, Dylan, Ali and Layne!  Event winners include, Charlotte, Ashley, Aliya, Dylan, Yena, Valerie, Ali and Layne!

Everyone qualified for State!