Thursday, May 24, 2018

2018 Xcel Region 3 Championships

Texas treated us well!  These girls competed with nerves of steel and did amazing!

Dallas started us off in the first session of the meet.  

                     Vault               Bars                 Beam              Floor                 AA
Dallas         8.8   10th          9.1   11th          8.9   11th         9.45   4th        36.25  7th

Harper and Ali both competed in Session 2.

                     Vault               Bars                 Beam                Floor              AA
Harper         8.675   7th    8.45   14th         8.325  17th        9.4   4th         34.85 16th
Ali                 9.2    6th     9.55    1st            9.3    8th           9.55  7th        37.6   5th

Congratulations Ali on being the Region 3 Bar Champion!

Layne our Plaitnum, competed Saturday evening!

                           Vault              Bars                 Beam                     Floor              AA
Layne            9.275   12th      8.3   14th           8.75   14th           9.475   7th         35.80  14th

Kezlie finished up the meet in the last session! 

                        Vault              Bars                 Beam             Floor              AA
Kezlie               9.0  1st        8.95   6th          8.75   9th        9.25  5th       35.95  4th

Congratulations Kezlie on being the Region 3 Vault Champion!

The Gold Team finished 38th out of 98 teams in their division!

We are SO proud of these gymnasts!  They have worked hard all year and it paid off!  
They competed against the top Xcel gymnasts from 7 States and never let it intimidate them.  
They demonstrated such composure, strength and determination!
This is why I love this sport! 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Summer Session

We are now enrolling for the summer session, which begins on June 5th.  Please email Maurie at