Sunday, December 21, 2014

No Class

There are no classes the next two weeks.  Classes will resume the week of January 5th.  Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

No Class This Week

There are no classes this week.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Session II begins, Monday, December 1st!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Party

Wear your Halloween Costumes to class on the week of October 27th!  Please no masks or makeup, we will still be doing gymnastics!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Fall Enrollment Now Open

We are now enrolling for the Fall Session.  Session I begins September 2nd and goes through the end of November.  Please email Maurie at to enroll!

No Class Next Week

There are no classes August 5th and 7th.  Have a great fair week!

Watch for our float in the parade!

Monday, June 23, 2014

No Class

There will not be any classes for the next 2 weeks!  Classes will resume their summer schedule July 8th!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Enrollment

We are enrolling for summer classes.  The summer session will begin June 10th and will go through the end of August.  We will be taking the weeks of July 4th and August 2nd off.  The session will consist of 9 weeks. Email me at to enroll!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

THANK YOU to everyone who came to our performance and supported our silent auction!  Star Gymnastics was able to raise over $3,000 for Evie's Angles! 

We were so excited to have Evie come to our gym last night!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thank You

Thank you for coming out and supporting our performance to benefit Evie's Angels!  Thank you for all of those who bid on the dessert auction!  

Each gymnast made us so proud performing their routines!  They have worked so hard all year long!  We love watching each child gain strength, coordination and confidence! 

Session III continues through the end of May!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pictures MAY 1st

Pictures are Thursday, May 1st at the gym.  Please wear your performance leotards and shorts, boys T-shirt and shorts.  Girls have your hair pulled up and make up is optional.  Even if you are not planning on buying pictures, please come for the class pictures.  Bring your order forms that were handed out last week.  Please have the order forms already filled out and your money ready.

1:00     Tuesdays Preschool class
1:30     Wednesday Preschool class
2:00     Monday Level 1 class (3:30)
2:15     Wednesday Level 1 class (3:30)
2:30     Boys Level 1 (Thursdays at 2:00)
2:45     Level 2 (Mondays at 4:30)
3:00     Level 3  (Mondays at 5:30)
3:15     Level 3 (Tuesdays at 3:30)
3:30     Boys Level 3  (Thursdays at 3:00)
3:45     Level 3/4  (Mondays at 4:30)
4:00     Level 4 (Wednesdays at 4:30)
4:15     Team (Levels 2-7)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Performance Sessions

3:00 Session
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Sarah Bowers Cara Andrews Bridget Scaffide Louisa Hinton
Tiara Howard Caylin Andrews Hailee Fromm Rylynne Merritt
Kiara  Kowalski Oakley Hepworth Saylor Herd Holly Draney
Sage Smith Kumari McCormick ShaKayla Lindroos Isabel Hinton
Paisley Smith Dylan Kallgren Kalirra Sessions Reese Lysager
Skylar Green Chloe Ritchie Analisa Landis Kallianne Pierantoni
Kennady Crosby Shay Andrews Issabelle Powell Sophie Berglund
Brooklyn Johnson Jenna Young Jenna Haskell Chelsea Hoopes
Austyn Bagley Macie Hanson Keira Heiner Josie Linford
Emmalee Hale Malia Allred Raylee Titensor Justyce Hill
Boys Group A Boys Group B Preschoolers
Nik Haskell CJ Neuenswander Group A Group B Group C
Ryker McCormick AJ Hale Kaleb Pollington Kutler Keetch Ian Haskell
Kolter Martinsen Taeson Johnson Kelsi Pollington Cinch Paisley Hollingsworth
Wylie Wilkes Hudson Hyde Larken Meyer Allie Berglund
6:00 Session
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Kamdyn Hale Elizabeth Bates Gabriel Roberts Jessica Rosenberg
Matti Baca Kennadee Wheeler Naila Roberts Alexandra Rosenberg
Anna Olofson Karrigan Dana Cliel Roberts Anna Finn
Scarlet Weber Jaelah Titensor Taylor Anderson Mikayla Finn
Brooklyn Parker Makayla Bird Brooklyn Brown Aislyn Ivie
Caellie Hale Tylie Jones Ava Howell Taya Johnson
Maddie Hale Ruby Hill Camilla Olenslager Yena Skinner
Ambrey Nelson Lainey Romine Charlotte Crook Gracee Cazier
Kaelle Opitz Josie Foster Gracie McNeel Racquelle Rosenberg
Ashlynn Erickson Ali Titensor Lauren Erickson Wyatt Dunn
Talia Titensor
Boys Group A Boys Group B Preschoolers
Anthon Titensor Gabe Potter Group A Group B
Cash Dunn Flint Jones Hanne Opitz JaiJ Romine
Daxton Sessions Porter Merritt Silver Weber Kysen Titensor
Brant Nelson Ava Sutton Harley Baca
Kaylee Jones
Group C
Tabitha Olsen
Sabrina Olsen
Aspen Wiley

Monday, March 31, 2014

No Class, Performance and Pictures

There are no classes during Spring Break!

The performance is on April 26th.  Session times for the performance will be announced after spring break.

There will be class pictures at the gym for all students on May 1st.  The schedule for pictures TBA.

Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 Wyoming State Championships

What a weekend!  We are SO proud of every single gymnast!  Many girls scored their personal best!  We all came together and earned 2nd place over all again this year!! Level 5 Team started us off with 2nd place finish and the Level 4 followed with a 2nd place finish! 

Abby Birkholz is a Vault, Bars and Beam Champion and a Level 5 All Around State Champion!! Morrea Morgan is a Floor State Champion in Level 4!! Everyone works SO hard and you all earned it!!  What a great 2014 season!!

Level 2 (Child A)
Name Vault Place Bars Place Beam Place Floor Place AA Place
Harper Sessions 8.05 12th 8.15 4th 8.825 5th 9.05 5th 34.075 5th
Dallas Erickson 8.3 9th 7.2 10th 9.1 4th 8.85 6th 33.45 7th
Cashlee Hepworth 8.1 11th 7.8 7th 8.35 8th 8 11th 32.25 11th
Level 3 (Junior A)
Name Vault Place Bars Place Beam Place Floor Place AA Place
Ella Birkholz 9.05 9th 8.85 7th 8.35 12th 9.25 6th 35.5 8th
Avalon Morgan 8.95 11th 8.4 9th 8.425 11th 9.25 7th 35.025 9th
Nevaeh Long 8.7 15th 8.35 10th 8.7 8th 8.6 13th 34.35 12th
Cheyenne Hall 8.85 13th 7.45 15th 7.775 16th 8.65 12th 32.725 15th
Level 3 (Junior B)
Name Vault Place Bars Place Beam Place Floor Place AA Place
Sarah Tallerico 8.9 9th 8.8 4th 8.45 5th 8.8 5th 34.95 4th
Braylee Parker 8.05 14th 8.25 7th 8.45 6th 9.05 2nd 33.8 6th
Maleese Phillips 8.95 6th 7.95 10th 7.625 13th 8.5 9th 33.025 11th
Level 3 (Senior B)
Name Vault Place Bars Place Beam Place Floor Place AA Place
Marisa Clark 8.8 9th 8.2 5th 8.3 5th 7.65 9th 32.95 8th
Level 4 (Child)
Name Vault Place Bars Place Beam Place Floor Place AA Place
Mackenzie Brooks 8.6 3rd 6.9 4th 7.95 7th 8.325 3rd 31.775 4th
Taylee Stoker 7.65 6th 6.55 5th 7.975 6th 8.1 6th 30.275 6th
Kanan Martenson 7.4 8th 6 7th 6.475 8th 7.95 7th 27.825 8th
Level 4 (Senior)
Name Vault Place Bars Place Beam Place Floor Place AA Place
Morrea Morgan 8.9 4th 6.75 9th 8.2 5th 9 1st 32.85 2nd
Piper Thompson 8.8 5th 6.5 10th 8.55 2nd 8.9 3rd 32.75 3rd
Amara Brown 8.8 6th 7.35 4th 8.075 7th 8.4 5th 32.625 4th
Level 5 (Junior)
Name Vault Place Bars Place Beam Place Floor Place AA Place
Abby Birkholz 9.15 1st 8.1 1st 9.225 1st 8.525 2nd 35 1st
Teylor Dunn 8.95 2nd 7.9 2nd 7.7 3rd 8.4 4th 32.95 2nd
Kesslee Hurd 8.35 4th 7.65 3rd 8.475 2nd 8.45 3rd 32.925 3rd
Lily Jenkins 8.2 6th 6.9 5th 7.65 4th 8.2 6th 30.95 5th
Level 5 (Senior)
Name Vault Place Bars Place Beam Place Floor Place AA Place
Graci Brown 8.55 7th 8.2 3rd 6.325 10th 8.575 5th 31.65 6th
Level 7 (Junior)
Name Vault Place Bars Place Beam Place Floor Place AA Place
Haylen Potter 9.05 4th 7.5 7th 8.2 5th 8.3 8th 33.05 7th

Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014 Grand Teton Rendezvous

Thank you to everyone that helped with the meet in Jackson this weekend!  Thank you for making it possible to have a meet so close to home!  

Congratulations Level 2 Team on your first place finish and Level 5 Team on your third place finish!  

Individual results:

Level 2 All Around:  1st Dallas Erickson, 2nd Harper Sessions, 3rd Cashlee Hepworth

Level 3 All Around:  2nd Sarah Tallerico

Level 4 All Around:  3rd Mackenzie Brooks

Level 5 All Around:  3rd Graci Brown

Level 7 All Around:  3rd Haylen Potter

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hosting a Meet This Weekend!

Star Gymnastics is co-hosting a meet with Axis Gymnastics this Saturday at the Jackson High School!  

Level 2's and 3's at 8:30
Level 4's and 5's at 12:00
Optional at 4:00

Come and check it out!  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Next week

Next week is pajama week.  Kids can wear their PJ's to class.  Please keep in mind that we will still be doing gymnastics, so leotards and shorts may be worn under them.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Performance Leotards

It is time to order our leotards for our performance.  You have two options:




You can choose either leotard.  The shorts are available in Black, Silver or Pink.  We are also offering T-shirts and drawstring bags in Pink or Black.

Please EMAIL me your orders at your earliest convenience!

All enrolled students (even the preschoolers) will perform at SVHS on April 26th!

No Class Next Monday

There are no classes next Monday, Feb 17th, the classes will be made up on Friday, Feb 21st.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Rocky Mountain Invitational 2014

Awesome job in Salt Lake City this weekend!

Team Finishes:  
Level 2  1st Place
Level 3  3rd Place
Level 4  2nd Place
Level 5  1st Place

Level 2:
Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
Dallas Erickson 1st 8.25   3rd 6.5   2nd 7.15   1st 7.7  1st 29.6
Harper Session 2nd 8   2nd 6.65   1st 7.6  2nd 6.8  2nd 29.05
Gwennie Larson 3rd 7.65   1st 7.05   3rd 6.05  3rd 6.43  3rd 27.18

Level 3:
Age 9
Ella Birkholz 2nd 9.25 3rd 8.75 3rd 3rd 35.4
Age 10 & up
Taryn Klindt 1st 9.15  2nd 7.95  3rd 8.65 2nd 8.55  2nd 34.275
Level 4:
Age 9
Mackenzie Brookes 1st 8.65 3rd 8.525  2nd 33.475
Level 5:
Age 8-11
Kesslee Hurd 3rd 8.05  3rd 7.05  2nd 8.15  2nd 8.425  2nd 31.675
Lily Jenkins 2nd 8.1  2nd 7.9 3rd 8.3  3rd 31.6
Age 12 & up
Graci Brown 2nd 8.4  2nd 3rd 7.7  1st 8.5  3rd 32.6
Level 7:
Age 12-13
Haylen Potter 2nd 9.3

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fun Week

Next week is Crazy Hair week at gymnastics!  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Rexburg Meet Results

Great job in Rexburg!  Congratulations Level 5 Team on you 2nd place finish!  Other highlights include:  

Level 3's:
Ava Morgan 3rd on Vault
Ella Birkholz  3rd on Floor

Level 4's:
Mackenzie Brooks  3rd on Vault and 3rd All Around
Mckenna Frazier  1st on Beam
Amara Brown 2nd on Vault
Morrea Morgan 3rd on Beam

Level 5's:
Lily Jenkins  2nd on Bars
Abby Birkholz  1st on Vault
Teylor Dunn 3rd on Vault, 3rd on Bars

Level 7's:
Haylen Potter 3rd on Bars, 3rd on Beam, 3rd on Floor and 3rd All Around