Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hosting a Meet This Weekend!

Star Gymnastics is co-hosting a meet with Axis Gymnastics this Saturday at the Jackson High School!  

Level 2's and 3's at 8:30
Level 4's and 5's at 12:00
Optional at 4:00

Come and check it out!  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Next week

Next week is pajama week.  Kids can wear their PJ's to class.  Please keep in mind that we will still be doing gymnastics, so leotards and shorts may be worn under them.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Performance Leotards

It is time to order our leotards for our performance.  You have two options:




You can choose either leotard.  The shorts are available in Black, Silver or Pink.  We are also offering T-shirts and drawstring bags in Pink or Black.

Please EMAIL me your orders at your earliest convenience!

All enrolled students (even the preschoolers) will perform at SVHS on April 26th!

No Class Next Monday

There are no classes next Monday, Feb 17th, the classes will be made up on Friday, Feb 21st.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Rocky Mountain Invitational 2014

Awesome job in Salt Lake City this weekend!

Team Finishes:  
Level 2  1st Place
Level 3  3rd Place
Level 4  2nd Place
Level 5  1st Place

Level 2:
Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
Dallas Erickson 1st 8.25   3rd 6.5   2nd 7.15   1st 7.7  1st 29.6
Harper Session 2nd 8   2nd 6.65   1st 7.6  2nd 6.8  2nd 29.05
Gwennie Larson 3rd 7.65   1st 7.05   3rd 6.05  3rd 6.43  3rd 27.18

Level 3:
Age 9
Ella Birkholz 2nd 9.25 3rd 8.75 3rd 3rd 35.4
Age 10 & up
Taryn Klindt 1st 9.15  2nd 7.95  3rd 8.65 2nd 8.55  2nd 34.275
Level 4:
Age 9
Mackenzie Brookes 1st 8.65 3rd 8.525  2nd 33.475
Level 5:
Age 8-11
Kesslee Hurd 3rd 8.05  3rd 7.05  2nd 8.15  2nd 8.425  2nd 31.675
Lily Jenkins 2nd 8.1  2nd 7.9 3rd 8.3  3rd 31.6
Age 12 & up
Graci Brown 2nd 8.4  2nd 3rd 7.7  1st 8.5  3rd 32.6
Level 7:
Age 12-13
Haylen Potter 2nd 9.3