Monday, January 18, 2016

Great Job at First Meet of the Season!

Congratulations Xcel team on your second place finish in Evanston! 

All Around finishes:

7 to 8 Age Division     1st   Dallas Erickson  36.80  All Around
                                     2nd Janey Young  35.35  All Around
                                     3rd  Harper Sessions  35.20 All Around 

9 to 10 Age Division    1st  Valerie Jirak  36.00 All Around
                                      2nd  Austyn Bagley 35.35 All Around
                                      4th  Ashlynn Erickson  34.35 All Around

9 to 10 Age Division    1st Lauren Erickson 33.30 All Around

11 to 12 Age Division:  2nd  Kanan Martinsen  31.90 All Around
                                       3rd Maleese Phillips  31.40 All Around

13 & up Age Division:   1st Marisa Clark  34.15 All Around
                                        2nd Brooke Crosby 31.95 All Around

12 to 13 Age Division:  1st Lily Jenkins 32.25 All Around
                                       2nd Piper Thompson 30.475 All Around
                                       3rd  Layne Robinson 29.95 All Around
                                       4th Taryn Klindt  28.00 All Around