Wednesday, January 26, 2022

2022 Missy Marlowe's Meet

 We traveled to Layton, UT this weekend and competed in the Missy Marlowe's Wasatch Open.  

Congratulations to the Bronze Team and Platinum Team who both finished 3rd!


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

First Meet of the Season

 We kicked off our season this weekend at the Best of the West meet in Farmington, UT.  Which means the first meet for some at a higher level.  They did great!  

Congratulations to our Platinum team, who took 3rd Place!


India Burch  9th on Beam 9.1 and 8th on Floor 9.0

Peyton Ross  10th on Bars 9.1 and 4th on Beam 9.425 and 10th in AA 35.8

Ella Occhi  7th on Bars 9.275

Laila Mosgeller  9th on Bars 9.15 and 5th on Floor 9.125

Brook Suter  10th on Vault 8.725 and 8th on Floor 9.0

Ava Jaques  8th on Vault 8.85


Aibree Peavler  9th on Vault 8.750  and 4th on Bars 9.375 and 3rd on Beam 9.450 and 1st on Floor 9.425 and 5th in the AA 37.0

Rylynne Merritt 10th on Bars 9.0  9ths on Beam 9.15 and 5th on Floor 9.0 and 10th in the AA 35.7


Paisley Harbach  10th on Vault 8.35 and 9th on Bars 8.45 and 7th on Beam 8.60

Katelynn Gaughan 9th on Vaul 8.7 and 7th on Floor 9.075

Dylan Kallgren 8th on Vault 8.525 and 9th on Bars 8.7 and 2nd on Beam 9.575 and 8th on floor 9.0 and 6th in AA 35.8

Aliya Peavler 7th on Vault 8.675 and 3rd on Bars 9.2 and 2nd on Floor 9.375 and 7th in AA 35.575

Hazel Ross 6th on Vault 8.85 and 6th on Floor 9.075


Harbor Winder 3rd on Vault 9.1 and 8th on Bars 8.05 and 2nd on Beam 8.8 and 1st on Floor 9.425 and 4th in AA 35.375

Brooklyn Johnson 9th on Vault 8.50 and 9th on Bars 7.95 and 5th on Beam 8.625 and 8th on Floor 8.85 and 8th in AA 33.925

Dallas Erickson 3rd on Vault 9.15 and 10th on Bars 8.5 and 10th on Beam 8.2 and 3rd on Floor 9.275 and 7th in AA 35.125

Ady Christiansen 10th on Vault 8.45 and 4th on Beam 9.125


Ali Winder 1st on Vault 9.05 and 1st on Bars 7.95 and 1st on Beam 8.725 and 1st on Floor 9.325 and 1st AA 35.05