Saturday, November 3, 2012

Team finishes 4th in Evanston

Everyone did fantastic in their first meet of the season!

Level 3 Team      Vault     Bars     Beam     Floor     All Around

Braylee Parker      5th       5th       1st         5th         5th (31.075)
Piper Thompson   4th       1st        2nd       2nd        3rd (33.30)
Emma Brown       9th       10th     10th       8th         10th (28.40)
Addy Allred         10th      9th       5th        7th          9th (29.150)
Nevaeh Long        8th       7th        6th        9th         7th (31.00)
Ava Morgan         7th       5th        8th        6th          6th (31.55)
Nicole Hill            5th       1st        2nd       2nd         1st (32.95)
Taryn Klindt         4th       6th       5th         1st          5th (30.00)
Sarah Tallerico     6th       4th        1st         3rd         3rd (31.45)

Level 4 Team
Shana Byerly       7th        6th        7th         6th         6th (28.50)
Taylee Stoker      4th        7th        7th         7th         7th  (26.75)
Kanan Martinsen 7th        5th        2nd        4th         4th (31.45)
Mackenzie Brooks 2nd     1st        6th         2nd        2nd (32.95)

Level 5 Team 
Telor Dunn            2nd      3rd       4th         3rd         3rd (28.375)
Shelbi Byerly        4th       3rd       1st          1st          3rd (32.475)
McKenna Frazier  3rd       3rd       2nd        2nd         3rd (24.90)

Level 6 Team
Lily Jenkins           4th       6th       5th         6th          6th (24.775)
Layne Robinson    6th       3rd       4th         5th          5th (26.35)
Kesslee Hurd         5th      5th        3rd         2nd        3rd (28.00)
Haylen Potter        2nd      1st        4th         1st          1st (32.35)
Graci Brown         5th       5th        7th         5th          7th (27.75)

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