Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great Job at the Performance

I am so proud of every athlete that performed on Saturday!  I loved watching the pride on each one of the childrens' faces as they performed their routines their very best and put their hearts into it.  Your children are amazing.  I loved the determination of Kenz to get her giants on the bar.  After she fell during the first session, she performed her beam routine with confidence and got right back up on the bars and swung her giants again in the second session!  It was so wonderful to have Graci back with our team!  We have missed her!  She is one strong young lady and a great example to all of us!  This is what gymnastics is all about!  That is why we teach and are so passionate about the sport! 

I would like to thank the community!  The support you showed us and the Brown's was amazing!  We could not provide this opportunity for the children without your support!  Thank You Star Valley! 

I am overwhelmed with all the people that helped us Saturday.  Thank you to ALL of the volunteers that helped with moving and setting up the equipment and during the performance!  I could not do this without every one of you!

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