Monday, March 26, 2012

State Championships 2012

Our hearts are so broken for the Brown's and their families and the loss of one of our greatest fans.  We are praying for a speedy recovery for Graci and her mom April. 

Words cannot express how proud we are of our Team.  It was a tough weekend competing without one of our teammates.  The girls dug down deep and showed strength and courage and competed in honor of their teammate and her family. 

State Champion
McKenzee Kocha Level 7
State Event Champions
McKenzee Kocha             Bars and Beam Level 7
Morgan Jenkins                                Floor Level 7
Haylen Potter                    Floor and Vault Level 5
McKenna Frazier              Bars and Vault Level 4

Level 7  2nd Place Team
                                          Vault     Bars       Beam    Floor      All Around
McKenzee Kocha             4th           1st           1st           2nd          1st 34.400
Morgan Jenkins               2nd          2nd          3rd          1st           2nd 34.050
McKenzie Potter             6th           3rd           2nd         5th           3rd 32.325

 Level 5  3rd Place Team
                                        Vault     Bars       Beam    Floor      All Around
Haylen Potter               1st           3rd           5th           1st           3rd 35.700
Lily Jenkins                   --             6th           11th         10th         9th 32.150
Kesslee Hurd               3rd           12th         --             9th           11th 31.675
Sarah Addie Burton   10th         --             9th           6th           31.425
Layne Robinson          --             11th         --             --             30.775  

Level 4
                                       Vault     Bars       Beam    Floor      All Around
McKenna Frazier          1st           1st           6th           6th           4th 33.825
Morrea Morgan           9th           --             5th           4th           8th 33.425
Teylor Dunn                 12th         3rd           6th           --             10th 32.900

Level 3
                                      Vault     Bars       Beam    Floor      All Around
MacKenzie Brooks     8th           9th           8th           2nd          5th 34.500            

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